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The California Access to Capital Program provides free services and resources for California businesses. Our program includes partnerships with Banks, Lenders and Financial Institutions to provide capital to help build and grow businesses. Aligning with the Govenor's Office of Business (GO-Biz), California IBank and Small Business Finance Center's Network of FDCs - these programs continue to support and enable California's small business community.

About Us

California Business Finance and the California Access to Capital Program was originally developed, piloted and launched in 2015 by Nor-Cal FDC, part of the California IBank's and Governor's Office of Business (GO-biz) network of Financial Development Corporations. As a statewide initiative, the program's focus is to support the success of California's 3.6 million businesses through a wide range of services and resources. The intent of the program is to assist in building innovative and effective partnerships between lending institutions and other State and Local agencies in support of small business.

California Business Finance and the California Access to Capital Program mission is to support and enable small business through economic development, small business financial literacy and technical assistance in California. The program focuses on identifying the needs of the California business community, raising the standards of financial consulting services and building the financial capacity of California businesses including small businesses located in under-served, rural and urban communities.


Small Business Technical Assistance expands economic and entrepreneurial opportunity throughout California. California Business Finance provides wide range of resources designed to help build and grow small businesses.


A critical component to the growth and succcess of any small business winning new business opportunties. The California Access to Capital Program has launched a number of key initiatives for California Certified Businesses to ensure when these business win or are awarded State or Local government contracts they can obtain the funding they need to successfully deliver the products, goods and services associated with the awarded contract.


California small businesses need capital to grow and thrive. Our programs are designed to meet the unique needs of California business owners. By utilizing an expansive network of lending partners, funding sources and direct lending programs the California Access to Capital Program has enabled over $750M of small business capital over the past 3 years.

Free Small Business Financial Planning and Consulting services.

Our team of professional business bankers, financial planners and consultants have over 320 years of combined experience in banking and business financing. Our banking and financing consultants and specialists come from industry leading organizations such as the SBA (Small Business Administration), Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, Union Bank, Accenture and Deloitte just to name a few.

Our free services are offered as part of the California Access to Capital Program and provided as part of California's wide range of small business support services.

Innovative Solutions to meet the needs of California's dynamic economy

California leads the nation with over 3.6 million small businesses and an economy that is ranked 5th in the world. We believe that California should also be the leader in providing innovative and effective financial solutions designed to meet the ever growing needs of California's dynamic economy. Through effective partnerships with over 400 banks, lenders and financial institutions, the California Access to Capital Program continues to build on the State of California's commitment to it's small business community.

Successful Outreach Programs and Partnerships

Meeting the needs of California businesses - over the past 4 years we've worked with State and Local Government Agencies across the State to support business growth and development.

California eProcurement

The California eProcurement Program Partnership provides funding for California Certified Businesses (SBE, DVBE, DBE, WBE) that win or awarded State contracts. The program provides free financial planning, capital strategy consulting and assessments as well as access to capital to Certified Businesses to ensure they can sucessfully deliver the products, goods and services assiociated with the awarded contract.

CalTrans Pathways Outreach Program

Working with key stakeholders and CalTrans (District 4) through Nor-Cal FDC - the CalTrans Pathways Program provided financial assessments and capital funding to over 1,800 business owners. The financial assessments were used to determine key capital needs of each business. Once the capital needs were determined a customized Capital Strategy plan was developed.

High Speed Rail Project

Partnering with DFJV (Dragados FlatIron Joint Venture) for the High Speed Rail Project the DFJV Small Business Finance Program provides provides funding for small businesses that win High Speed Rail sub-contracts for the High Speed Rail CP2/3. The program provides free capital strategy planning and small business financial assessments.

California Small Business Success Program

Partnering with key lending partners such as CDC Loans and Pacfic Community Ventures and others, the California Small Business Success Program works with key CBOs (Community-based Organizations) and other Non-Profit Organizations to support small business development.

Winning Solutions - Proven Success

California businesses cannot be successful without access to capital. But business cannot obtain capital if they are not prepared. Our programs are designed to fill this gap between the need for capital and financial readiness.

Small Business Assessments

The first step to obtaining capital is properly identifying the financial strengths and weaknesses of each small business. Small Business Assessments help determine the capital needs of each business.

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Capital Strategy Planning

Once the key factors for obtaining capital are identified, a capital strategy plan must be developed that will provide a roadmap for each phase of business growth.

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Funding Sources

Effectively navigating the many funding sources available to small business can be overwhelming. Our programs and services are designed to help businesses derermine what are the best funding options for their business.

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Small Business Financial Assessments


Small Business Loans


Jobs Created or Retained

Strategic Partnerships = SUCCESS!

The California Access to Capital Program continues its commitment to forging innovative and effective partnerships that create success outcomes for California businesses. Here are just a few of the State Agencies, Organizations and Corporations we've partnered with to provide world class funding solutions for California small businesses.

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